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stark raving mad

Cliché totally insane; completely crazy; out of control. (Often an exaggeration.) When she heard about what happened at the office, she went stark raving mad. You must be start raving mad if you think I would trust you with my car!
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be stark raving mad

  (British, American & Australian) also be stark staring mad (British)
to be completely crazy She looked at me as though she thought I was stark raving mad.
See also: mad, raving, stark

stark raving mad

Totally crazy, as in The constant uncertainty over his job is making him stark raving mad. This term, meaning "completely wildly insane," is used both hyperbolically and literally. Versions of this expression appear to have sprung from the minds of great literary figures. Stark mad was first recorded by poet John Skelton in 1489; stark raving was first recorded by playwright John Beaumont in 1648; stark staring mad was first used by John Dryden in 1693. The current wording, stark raving mad, first appeared in Henry Fielding's The Intriguing Chambermaid in 1734.
See also: mad, raving, stark
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Bulstrode went away now without anxiety as to what Raffles might say in his raving, which had taken on a muttering incoherence not likely to create any dangerous belief.
It was one evening, when being brought, as I may say, to the last gasp, I think I may truly say I was distracted and raving, when prompted by I know not what spirit, and, as it were, doing I did not know what or why, I dressed me (for I had still pretty good clothes) and went out.
It is true, he seldom came to see me, for although he ardently desired to relieve the sufferings of every human creature, he did not wish to be present at the agonies and miserable ravings of a murderer.
The child, who had been long since disturbed by his ravings, rose from its little bed, and ran towards its father, screaming with fright--the mother hastily caught it in her arms, lest he should injure it in the violence of his insanity; but, terrified by the alteration of his features, stood transfixed by the bedside.
We believe there's simply too much ranting and not enough Raving these days," said Henry Vogel, co-founder and CEO of Raved.
ATLANTA -- Raving Brands knows how to create and grow a restaurant concept.
SEATTLE, May 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Stark Raving Foods, LLC, maker of Stark Raving Gluten-Free Pizza, is pleased to announce the completion of our transition from our former use of 'Garlic Jim's Gluten-free Pizza' branding, and the official launch of 'Stark Raving', our new company and brand dedicated to the best Gluten-free frozen pizza in the world.
Mama Fu's prides itself on a fun, best-of-Asian theme because we strive to offer something for everyone, and we want to have Asian dishes that consumers enjoy repeatedly," says Brian Curin, vice president of marketing for Raving Brands, the parent company of Mama Fu's Asian House.
LaMastra has joined Raving Brands, a leading franchisor of national food and beverage concepts, as its Chief Operating Officer and will assume oversight of the operations for Raving Brands.
Story, federal judge on the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, entered judgment against a group of plaintiffs in their case alleging fraud and racketeering against Raving Brands, Moe's Southwestern Grill and its founder Martin Sprock, for failure to assert these and other related claims in a timely manner.
ATLANTA -- Raving Brands, one of the hottest franchising companies in the country, knows a bit about franchising success and is taking that knowledge on the road, beginning May 14 in Hollywood, Florida at The Westin Diplomat Resort.
Brian Curin, former head of marketing for Cold Stone Creamery, an Entrepreneur Magazine "Top 100 franchise," joins Raving Brands as Vice President of Marketing overseeing Moe's Southwest Grill, Mama Fu's Asian House and newly opened Doc Green's Gourmet Salads.
For Martin Sprock, Chief of Raving Brands, and his partner, Chris Morocco, who manages Planet Smoothie and PJ's Coffee brands, finding Shane's is a great example of what they do best - see a category segment that's underserved and void of a quality concept and roll it out Raving style .
ATLANTA -- Raving Brands, owner of fast casual concepts, Moe's Southwest Grill and Mama Fu's Asian House, has dedicated January 19 as a day to raise money for those individuals affected by the Tsunami.
ATLANTA -- Raving Brands, a pacesetter of fast casual concepts, has a message for the food and beverage industry - "The demise, or if you prefer, the struggles of the fast casual category, have been greatly exaggerated.