rattle off

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rattle (something) off

To say or recite something very quickly, without much thought or consideration. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about; he's just rattling off a bunch of industry buzz words. The accountant rattled the numbers off to me, but I couldn't tell you what they all meant.
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rattle something off

 and reel something off
to recite something quickly and accurately. She can really reel song lyrics off. Listen to Mary rattle off those numbers.
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rattle off

Also, reel off. Utter or perform rapidly or effortlessly, often at length. For example, The treasurer rattled off the list of all those who had not paid their dues, or She reeled off song after song. The verb rattle has been used for fast talking since the late 1300s and for other kinds of fast production since the late 1800s (George Bernard Shaw wrote of "men who rattle off their copy" in a letter of 1896). The verb reel off, which alludes to unwinding from a reel, has been used figuratively since about 1830.
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rattle off

To recite something rapidly and easily; reel something off: She rattled off the names of people who had recently applied for the job opening. He knows every state capital and can easily rattle them off if you ask him to.
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Leading 74-66 with 6:40 left in regulation, they watched New Orleans rattle off an 11-2 run.
A longtime political observer and executive secretary-treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, Miguel Contreras can rattle off a list of Latinos whose mastery of Spanish has risen to match their political ambitions.
It takes only five minutes for Blicker to rattle off a list of troubles facing doctors: inadequate compensation for managed-care patients, HMOs influencing the quality of patient care and widespread low morale among those in the industry.
For parent Anna Portales, she knew the crossing guard at Wilbur and Erwin was special when she found out Irene could rattle off each child's first name, and match them up with their parents.
Ask any jazz fan to name the essential Miles, and they'll rattle off album titles, not songs.
He can rattle off just about every memorable shot struck here.
Scalabrine doesn't have any glaring weaknesses - unless you ask him, in which case he's never at a loss to rattle off one or two.