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1. adjective Excellent; of the best or highest possible quality or rank. That movie was positively first-rate! The tiny nation boasts a first-rate healthcare system.
2. adverb Very well; superbly; fantastically. I hear Joanna did first-rate on her exams last week.

at a rate of knots

Rapidly. (A boat's speed is measured in knots.) Primarily heard in UK, Australia. We're going to have to move at a rate of knots to have any hope of getting there on time.
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at any rate

Anyway. We're going to be late, but, at any rate, we should still be there be before 9. I think your mother just tolerates me—at any rate, she certainly doesn't shower me with affection.
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at that rate

In that case. At that rate, we'll never make it on time! Tanya is busy all month. At that rate, we'll never see her.
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at this rate

1. At this pace. Drive faster! At this rate, we'll never get there on time! It doesn't have to be perfect. At this rate, we'll frost one cupcake every hour!
2. If this situation persists. All of my friends are getting engaged, and I'm still single. At this rate, I'll be a bridesmaid at least 10 times before I get to be a bride.
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at any rate

in any case; anyway. At any rate, what were we talking about? At any rate, I don't think you should quit your job.
See also: any, rate

at that rate

in that manner; at that speed. If things keep progressing at that rate, we'll be rich by next year. At that rate we'll never get the money that is owed us.
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at this rate

at this speed; if things continue in the same way. (Usually of a pessimistic view.) Hurry up! We'll never get there at this rate. At this rate, all the food will be gone before we get there.
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going rate

the current rate or the current charges for something. The going interest rate for your account is 10 percent. Our babysitter charges us the going rate.
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rate (someone or something) above (someone or something else)

to judge someone to rank higher than someone else; to judge something to rank higher than something else. Do you rate Alice above Valerie? I rate chocolate ice cream above vanilla.
See also: above, rate

rate someone or something among something

to judge someone or something to be essentially equal to something. I rate Polly among the best of this year's class. We rate these contestants among the best ever.
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rate someone or something as something

to assign a particular rating to someone or something. I rate her as a number four. The judge rated my cake as second place.
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rate (someone or something) below (someone or something else)

to judge someone to rank lower than someone else; to judge something to rank lower than something else. I have to rate Carol below Donna in this regard. We all rate plain chocolate ice cream below rocky road ice cream.
See also: below, rate

rate (someone or something) with (someone or something else)

to judge someone or something to be equal to someone or something else. I rate Fred with Don. They are equally good. Vanilla is very nice, but I don't rate it with chocolate ice cream.
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rate something at something

to assign a particular level of rating to something. I rate this brand at about a B-. The broker rated this stock at a buy.
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rate something below something else Go to rate someone or something below someone or something

See also: below, else, rate

rate with someone

to be in someone's favor; to be thought of highly by someone. Ann is great. She really rates with me. She doesn't rate with me at all.
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at any rate

more exactly at (the very) least I don't think they liked my idea - at any rate, they weren't enthusiastic.
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at a rate of knots

  (British & Australian)
if someone does something at a rate of knots, they do it very quickly
Usage notes: The speed a boat travels is measured in knots.
She did her homework at a rate of knots so that she could go out with her friends.
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at any rate

In any event, whatever the case may be; also, at least. For example, At any rate, I promise to be there even if I'm a little late, or It may not pay well, but at any rate it's a job. [Early 1600s] Also see in any case.
See also: any, rate

at this rate

Also, at that rate.
1. Progressing at this (or that) speed, as in At this rate we'll never finish in time. [Mid-1600s]
2. Under these circumstances, in that case. For example, At this rate they'll never settle their differences. [Late 1700s]
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Sexually explicit, vulgar, or obscene, as in This film should be X-rated; it's not suitable for children. This expression alludes to a rating system established for motion pictures, in which films rated X may not be viewed by persons under the age of 17. [c. 1970]


mod. cheap; low-priced. Where are your cut-rate sweaters?

at any rate

1. Whatever the case may be; in any case: You should at any rate apologize.
2. Used to indicate a revision or correction to a previous remark: We were delighted, or at any rate satisfied, with the results.
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We were now grappling with a seductive proposition: If economic growth could be stronger than previously imagined and the unemployment rate could fall to a level that in the past would have triggered higher inflation without triggering inflation--then the FOMC might not need to raise rates as hurriedly as it had in the past.
The announced rollback in the rate reductions effectively increases current and future corporate income tax rates and, thus, all corporations doing business in Ontario must revalue assets and liabilities that were recorded under the previous tax rate schedule.
A CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) approach, for example, reduces the time and effort needed to both implement and maintain rates and rules.
In contrast to the experience of the early 1990s, growth in the monetary aggregates relative to nominal gross domestic product has been broadly in line with historical relationships, given the structure of interest rates.
If the spot rate is 1,082 lira per deutsche mark and the one-year forward rate is 1,150, the companies should decide what rate they'll use initially to set the contract price of the product - the spot, the forward or an average of forward rates.
These nonguaranteed results incorporate dividends, excess interest rates or other elements subject to change at the insurer's discretion.
In other words, higher income tax rates increase the tax savings under tax-deferred savings and the compounding effect on these savings will result in greater fund accumulations than under taxed investments, other things being equal.
Insurance rate increases in the Rochester area were less than half the national average from 1980 through 1991.
Slow cooling rates promote segregation of elements such as manganese, chromium and molybdenum toward final freezing areas and tend to stabilize carbides and promote microporosity.
Fitch currently rates Washington Mutual Bank 'RMS2+' for prime servicing.
Still, those in the real estate market say rates are beginning to feel upward pressure.
This week's rate was the lowest since the mortgage giant began tracking 30-year mortgage rates in 1971.
It is absolutely safe to say that long term mortgage rates don't necessarily respond to moves in short term rates,'' said Keith T.
The interest rates of many ARMs aren't attuned to the prime interest rate but to bank deposits in specific regions of the country or to international indexes such as LIBOB (London InterBank Offered Rate).
As expected, the rate hike has already impacted the short term borrowing rates (especially LIBOR-based indices) for real estate investors.