rate with

rate (someone or something) with (someone or something else)

to judge someone or something to be equal to someone or something else. I rate Fred with Don. They are equally good. Vanilla is very nice, but I don't rate it with chocolate ice cream.
See also: rate

rate with someone

to be in someone's favor; to be thought of highly by someone. Ann is great. She really rates with me. She doesn't rate with me at all.
See also: rate
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Maintaining the current rate with a deferral of the future reductions to eight percent would forestall an immediate, material erosion of Ontario's competitive business advantages.
Likewise, if you're planning to stay in the home you're buying for just a few years, an ARM with an adjustment interval of five years would give you the advantages of a lower interest rate with none of the risks - as long as you sell before the five years are up.
The floating rate with a cap offers the prepayment flexibility of a floating rate but with the protection of a maximum rate, or a cap.
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