rate at

rate something at something

to assign a particular level of rating to something. I rate this brand at about a B-. The broker rated this stock at a buy.
See also: rate
References in classic literature ?
A struggle for existence inevitably follows from the high rate at which all organic beings tend to increase.
Greenspan's last move put the fed funds rate at 3 percent, matching where it was in mid-September of 2001.
19) The effectiveness of monetary policy, I learned, depends not only on decisions taken about the funds rate at each meeting, but also on the expectations that monetary policymakers convey to the markets about the future course of monetary policy.
I therefore view requests for changes in the discount rate as a source of information about the policy preferences of Reserve Bank presidents, specifically as a noisy indicator of the bank presidents' preferences for a change in the federal funds rate at the next FOMC meeting.
They could accomplish this by purchasing a yen call/dollar put with a strike rate at the center of the range.
For this illustration, an unexpected movement is defined as the difference between the federal funds rate at 11:00 a.
If, for example, the expected level of the federal funds rate at the close exceeded the level of the funds rate earlier in the day, banks would bid up the earlier rate by borrowing heavily in the funds market in order to lend funds at a higher rate later in the day.
As such, the bond investment's future value is lower than that implied by the market rate at purchase, and the return on the investment is lower than the expected 12%.
Price is determined by the market interest rate at the time of sale.
With an in-arrears swap, floating rate payments are based on the level of the reference index rate at the end of the interest period.
The Fed typically boosts the federal funds rate - the rate at which commercial banks charge each other for overnight loans - in an attempt to curb spending by consumers and businesses, which must borrow to invest in new plant and equipment.
The resulting rise in the unemployment rate, though, was damped relative to that during earlier contractions, as unusually slow growth of the labor force held down the number of job seekers; the unemployment rate in June of this year, 7 percent, was about 3A percentage point below the average jobless rate at the end of previous recessions.
In addition, the muted rise in unemployment and labor-force size during recent quarters may be part of a longer-term deceleration in the rate at which women - especially younger women - have entered the labor market.
In addition, Trinity will issue approximately $75,930,000 Michigan State Hospital Finance Authority variable-rate revenue bonds series 2005E-F and $114,850,000 Michigan State Hospital Finance Authority variable-rate revenue bonds series 2005G-H, which Fitch will rate at a later date based on expected credit and liquidity enhancement providers.
WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 14, 1996--A plan released today by Teleport Communications Group (TCG) could help slow the rate at which telephone numbers are being used in states from coast to coast.