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break out in a rash

To experience visible skin irritation. After my husband broke out in a rash, we realized that the bushes he'd been trimming in the back yard were actually poison ivy. I had to go to the emergency room because the medication I'd been prescribed caused me to break out in a rash and have trouble breathing.
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break out in a rash

[for the skin] to erupt with a rash. (See also break out in a cold sweat; break out (with a rash).) I knew Dan had the chicken pox, because he broke out in a rash and had a dry cough. The baby breaks out in a rash all the time.
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n. an injury from contact with the ground, as in motorcycling or biking. Shane picked up a bit of road rash when she fell off her bike.
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Not one raised an argument when I blurted out that rashest of statements.
Of course, the daftest, rashest assumption that anyone drew from that sorry experience was that Dickinson did not know how to train Flat horses.
One of the rashest things I've ever done was buy perspex wedges with a completely see-through toe piece when clearly my feet weren't up to such naked ambition.
Until that point Neville Chamberlain (who had become a member of Churchill's Coalition) according to Ponting had acted as a break on Churchill's rashest ideas.
And it manages superbly to combine a deep sense of service to the buyer with pounds 38,000 to invest, with rugged big-heartedness and a forgiving nature for the rashest of drivers.