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raring to go

to be ready and excited to begin doing something The lawyers were raring to go Monday afternoon when the judge started the hearing.
Usage notes: sometimes spelled rarin' to go to show how it is said: Sometimes she'd wake up at five in the morning and was rarin' to go.
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be raring to go

to be full of energy and ready to do something At three in the morning he was still wide awake and raring to go.
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raring to go

Very eager to begin, as in The children were all dressed and raring to go. This idiom uses raring for rearing, and alludes to a horse's standing on its hind legs when it is anxious to get moving. [Early 1900s]
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raring to go

mod. anxious and eager to go. Come on, I’m raring to go!
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Tim Woodall and Dustin Raring are highly respected investment professionals with a proven track record of helping individuals, families and businesses in Orange County achieve their financial objectives," said Katherine August-deWilde, President of First Republic Bank.
Its raring earlier had been limited to maximum 15-20 birds in a local backyard farm.
With so many positives to take from the game, the lasses are already raring to go for our first home game of the season this weekend against Derby County, and hopefully this time we'll get the result as well as the performance.
After cancelling U2's headline appearance at Glastonbury due to emergency back surgery, Bono says he's raring to go for the band's live return in three weeks time.
TIM HENMAN has insisted he would be "ready and raring to go" at Wimbledon despite crashing out of the Stella Artois Championship at the first hurdle.
The correct raring, its combined AM/FM rating, is 7.
On a scale of -7 to +7, the patients' average raring of the hedonistic value of unpleasant odors was -4.
Whether this took the form of an axial methodology like that of the Ecole des Beaux Arts, a systematic grid like that of the Rationalists, or a Platonic belief in pure forms and proportions as held by Le Corbusier, Raring saw imposed geometry as a straitjacket cramping a building's natural development.
It is expected that by 2010, the LNG market will expand with more than 35 countries raring to join the race.
Rob right on money RED-HOT Robbie Keane says he is fit and raring to go after putting his injury problems behind him.
I am delighted to say he is raring to go even though it has been a difficult and different week for him.
It was a slow start to the season, being injured, so I feel I am making up for lost time and raring to go.
WALES manager Gary Speed insists Craig Bellamy is raring to go ahead of tonight's friendly clash with Australia in Cardiff.
WALES manager Gary Speed insists Craig Bellamy is raring to go ahead of tonight's night's friendly clash with Australia in Cardiff.
Wolves' first-team regulars have stepped up a gear in the past week and with just one pre-season game remaining - against Real Zaragoza at Molineux on Saturday - Stearman insists the team are raring to go for the Premier League opener against Blackburn next Saturday.