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Rare Bird Trading Company, located at World Trade Park in Raleigh, and Rare Bird Trading (Suzhou) Co.
A STUDENT who stole 299 rare bird skins from the Natural History Museum to fund his studies has been ordered to pay back pounds 125,000.
Brian Egan, from Rare Bird Alert, said: "To put it into non-bird loving terms, this is like Lionel Messi turning up on your local park and having a kickabout - it's that rare.
ISLAMABAD, December 12, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Punjab Wild Life department has banned the hunting of every kind of rare bird in Rawalpindi region.
FIREFIGHTERS rescued a rare bird of prey from a TV aerial on top of a derelict South Liverpool pub.
A BIRDWATCHER who travelled to Norway to see a rare bird returned home to Cornwall and spotted one in her back garden.
A RARE bird is intriguing birdwatchers - and it's small, white and has a liking for cows.
BIRDWATCHERS flocked to Tyneside to catch a glimpse of a rare bird.
BEMUSED police officers were led on a merry dance by a rare bird with a mohican.
Ian Karika of the locally well-known Karika family leads nature walks through the Takitumu Conservation Area on Tuesdays and Thursdays, proudly identifying flora and fauna, explaining traditional use of plants, offering chunks of bush marshmallows (the spongy flesh of a sprouted coconut), and perhaps a glimpse of a rare bird.
Conservation ranger Iolo Lloyd said it was remarkable to see so many specimens of such a rare bird in Clocaenog.
So he comes up with a scheme to report a sighting of a rare bird, and before they know it, the place is crawling with birders, flying in from all over the place to catch a glimpse of the non-existent bird.
This goes for the twitchers, or rare-bird spotters, who covet the record for species sighted in Britain and who travel thousands of miles for a chance to see a rare bird.
He admitted two counts of possession of rare bird eggs at his home, another of being in possession of 181 wild bird eggs at his house, and a further charge of being equipped at his home address to commit the offences.
An irrefutable sighting by Gallagher and a colleague in February 2004 quickly led to the largest search ever mounted to find a rare bird, as researchers fanned out across the bayou to document this most iconic of birds.