rap across the knuckles

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rap someone across the knuckles

 and rap someone on the knuckles; rap someone's knuckles
to strike someone on the knuckles. As punishment, she rapped him across the knuckles. The teacher rapped the student on the knuckles.
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Commentators described this as a rap on the knuckles for Alfie Kane and senior executives, not that they care much.
Last night coach boss Robert Letham said: "I'll be giving this man a rap on the knuckles.
Things have been going really well, but we've been given a rap on the knuckles.
Cabbage manager Jimmy Ginnelly said: ''The Birmingham County have received a rap on the knuckles.
This type of driver is not taught safe rules of the road except, perhaps, by a sharp rap on the knuckles in the form of a costly speeding ticket.
RUSSIA'S leaders are split over the UN resolution to take action against Libya - with prime minister Vladimir Putin given a rare rap on the knuckles yesterday.