rap at

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rap at (someone or something)

1. To strike something with one or more quick, light blows, as when getting someone's attention; to knock or tap at something swiftly and lightly. I thought I heard someone rapping at my window in the middle of the night, so I was wide awake with fear until morning! The wind was causing a tree branch to rap at the door in a most unsettling manner.
2. To utter spoken word rhymes meant to mock or denigrate another person during a rap battle. You've got to have thick skin when someone's rapping at you, but you also have to know that it's all just part of the game.
See also: rap

rap at something

 and rap on something
to tap on something to attract someone's attention. Who is that rapping at my door? Someone is rapping at the window, trying to get my attention. I will rap on her window and try to wake her.
See also: rap
References in classic literature ?
Again he was anticipated, and the rap on his nose sent him into recoil.