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bet the ranch

To risk everything on a venture that one thinks will be successful. Primarily heard in US. I wouldn't bet the ranch on that wacky invention. He's broke now because he bet the ranch on a failed business venture.
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bet the ranch

If you bet the ranch, you take a big risk in doing something, sometimes spending all your money to do it. I wasn't going to bet the ranch on the stocks. It was a brave policy pushed through despite warnings that it would be a disaster. He bet the ranch and he won.
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meanwhile, back at the ranch

People say meanwhile, back at the ranch when they want to talk about something that is happening in another place, especially their home or place of work. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Condon was trying to write an article. Note: This expression comes from Western movies, in which the action regularly moves from a ranch (= large farm with animals) to some other place.
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bet the ˈfarm/ˈranch

(American English) risk everything that you have on something: It might succeed but don’t bet the farm on it.It’s a bet-the-farm situation.
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raisin ranch

n. a retirement community; an old folks home. (Refers to wrinkles.) You won’t get me into one of those raisin ranches. I like my independence.
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1. n. semen. (Alludes to Ranch [salad] dressing. Objectionable if understood.) God! There’s ranch on the bathroom floor!
2. in. to ejaculate. (Objectionable if understood.) Just looking at her makes me want to ranch.
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Indeed, Ranching for Wildlife has given ranchers incentives to reintroduce wild species to their lands.
Since 1986, Ranching for Wildlife has spread throughout Colorado, in large part because both hunters and regulators realize its value in keeping wildlife habitat intact.
While Ranching for Wildlife was establishing itself on the Taylor Ranch, endangered species lawsuits virtually shut down logging on western public lands, driving timber prices from a low of $40 per thousand board-feet in 1990 to more than $200 in 1994.
DOW's Ranching for wildlife review team blames the historic condition of the ranch on intensive stock grazing through the first three-quarters of the century, a period that largely predates the arrival of the Taylor family.
Taylor's suspension from Ranching for Wildlife is a blow to conservation on La Sierra and a blow to the San Luisans who benefit from legal hunting on the ranch.
The Ranching for Wildlife program would be expanded, on a voluntary basis, to embrace the valley bottom farms that border the Taylor Ranch and that contain the elk winter range that the ranch now lacks.
Koch has been in the cattle ranching business since 1951, when company co-founder Fred C.
The Matador Cattle Company first implemented environmentally friendly ranching with the introduction of rest-rotating grazing.
The company is engaged in a range of activities, including commercial real estate, farming, ranching, recreation, filming and mineral extraction.
The company is engaged in a range of activities including commercial real estate, farming, ranching, recreation, filming and mineral extraction.