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bet the farm

to risk everything you have because you are certain of something bet the ranch No matter how confident you are in the future, you should never bet the farm on one idea.
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bet the ranch

to risk everything you have because you are certain of success bet the farm The program was in trouble, and our feeling was, why bet the ranch on it? She's expecting further gains, but she wouldn't bet the ranch.
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bet the farm/ranch

to spend almost all the money you have on something that you think might bring you success (often + on ) TV networks are obviously willing to bet the ranch on special sports events - they paid millions to broadcast the Olympics.
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raisin ranch

n. a retirement community; an old folks home. (Refers to wrinkles.) You won’t get me into one of those raisin ranches. I like my independence.
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1. n. semen. (Alludes to Ranch [salad] dressing. Objectionable if understood.) God! There’s ranch on the bathroom floor!
2. in. to ejaculate. (Objectionable if understood.) Just looking at her makes me want to ranch.
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Part of the appeal is that CEOs who buy one of the mini ranches can become, in effect, gentleman ranchers.
Subdivide a portion of your land into mini ranches for rental or sale.
The Austin, Chelmsford and Sunnyvale Compute Ranches plus Sun's investment in the latest processor design tools and techniques makes this engineering force one of the best equipped in the industry.
The problem is that there is very little inventory of these large ranches that have a history of good cattle production, offer beautiful scenery, excellent hunting and fishing, and are not too remote.
Also adding to this diminished number of large ranches is the fact that a number of ranchers have sold conservation easements on their properties, to protect them in perpetuity from development.
Matador Cattle Company, a Koch Industries subsidiary, has one of the 10 largest cow/calf operations in the nation, with three ranches (in Kansas, Montana and Texas) comprising about 380,000 acres of land, running 15,000 head of cattle, and employing 25 cowboys.
Some of our early inquiries about these ranch properties reveal an important trend in today's real estate market," said Ron Morris, a co-listing broker for the ranches along with Pete Martinez.
The four large ranches are located in Natrona and Carbon counties, Wyo.
So designers added groves of artificial trees to the Santa Clarita Valley's canyons and chaparral, and the movie ranches became the backdrop for a make-believe volcano.
Hollywood Fires also bulldozed and graded sites on the movie ranches where crews then built outdoor sets, he added.
To expect GE Americom to move because Solano Verde Ranches doesn't like the satellite dishes is absurd.
The residents of Solano Verde Ranches elected to build and live next to a satellite relay station.
The Matador Cattle Company's Beaverhead Ranch is one of the earliest established ranches in Montana.
The O'Connor Ranch is one of the largest contiguous ranches in South Texas, which offers considerable flexibility for operations much like a large offshore lease block.