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bet the farm

to risk everything you have because you are certain of something bet the ranch No matter how confident you are in the future, you should never bet the farm on one idea.
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bet the ranch

to risk everything you have because you are certain of success bet the farm The program was in trouble, and our feeling was, why bet the ranch on it? She's expecting further gains, but she wouldn't bet the ranch.
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bet the farm/ranch

to spend almost all the money you have on something that you think might bring you success (often + on ) TV networks are obviously willing to bet the ranch on special sports events - they paid millions to broadcast the Olympics.
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raisin ranch

n. a retirement community; an old folks home. (Refers to wrinkles.) You won’t get me into one of those raisin ranches. I like my independence.
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1. n. semen. (Alludes to Ranch [salad] dressing. Objectionable if understood.) God! There’s ranch on the bathroom floor!
2. in. to ejaculate. (Objectionable if understood.) Just looking at her makes me want to ranch.