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hydraulic ram

A type of water pump in which the natural flow of water is periodically redirected upward into a pipe and reservoir. A: "Why can't I get any water out of this thing?" B: "Hmm, maybe the hydraulic ram isn't working."
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milk the ram

To do or attempt something futile (as milking a male sheep would be). Studying for this class is like milking the ram—I'm just not going to get it.
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ram into someone or something

to crash into someone or something. Mary accidentally rammed into a fence as she rode along. The car rammed into the tree and was totally wrecked.
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ram something down

to pack something down by pounding, as with a ram. The worker used a pole to ram the earth down and pack it tight. The worker rammed down the earth.
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ram something into someone or something

 and ram something in
to pound something into someone or something. He rammed his fist into Bill's side and shouted something angry at him. He rammed in his fist.
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ram something through

1. to force something through something. He rammed his fist through the window, cutting himself in the process. Harry put the brick up to the window glass and rammed it through. Next time he would remember his key.
2. to force something through a deliberative body, usually not allowing due consideration. They rammed the bill through the city council. The President was unable to ram the measure through Congress.
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ram through something

to crash or pound through something. The car rammed through the back of the garage. I was afraid that the truck would ram through the fence.
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shove someone or something down someone's throat

 and ram someone or something down someone's throat; force someone or something down someone's throat 
1. Lit. to force someone to swallow something. The harsh nurse forced the medicine down the patient's throat. The zookeepers rammed the food down the python's throat.
2. Fig. to force someone to accept something. Don't try to force that car down my throat! I don't want it! You can't force that nonsense down my throat! I don't want any more insurance, and I don't want anyone to shove any insurance down my throat. Mary isn't invited to my party, and I don't wish for anyone to ram her down my throat!
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ram something down somebody's throat

if someone rams their opinions or ideas down your throat, they force you to listen to them and try to make you accept them And although he's got very strong views on such subjects, he doesn't try to ram them down your throat. He's a committed Christian but he doesn't ram it down your throat.
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ram down someone's throat

Also, shove down someone's throat. Compel to accept or consider, as in That salesman tried to ram a life insurance policy down my throat, or She has a way of shoving her political views down your throat. These terms transfer forcing one to swallow something to forcing acceptance of an object or idea.
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ram down

1. To break something down by pounding with or as if with a ram: The attacking army rammed down the fortress wall using a huge log. The truck rammed the tree down.
2. To force the passage or acceptance of something into something: The plumber rammed the plunger down the pipe.
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ram something down someone’s throat

tv. to force something upon someone. (Not literal.) Don’t try to ram that nonsense down my throat.
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/shove down (someone's) throat Informal
To compel to accept or consider: always ramming his political opinions down my throat.
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