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be as stiff as a ramrod

To have very erect posture. I've never seen Olivia slouch—she's always as stiff as a ramrod.
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be as stiff/straight as a ramrod

if someone is as stiff as a ramrod, they stand or sit with their back very straight and stiff At eighty-three, he's still as straight as a ramrod.
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tv. to lead something; to act as the driving force behind something. Who is going to ramrod this project?
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Planning was the key to ensure we met all the goals of Ramrod Trials.
Originally based in Cudjoe Key, the company relocated to its current location in Ramrod Key in February 1996.
The answer is the bullet or ball is revolving against the stationary ramrod tip at the rate of the twist of the barrel and may or may not be centered in the bore.
I remember he was 90 years old or so, standing ramrod straight and addressing the team,'' defensive coordinator Ron English said.
50 caliber muzzleloaders come standard with breech plug wrench, sling swivels and frame-mounted telescoping ramrod.
But it also makes its own beers, such as Waggledance bitter, Chocolate Stout, Special London Ale, Dirty Dick's and Ramrod.
The former SS colonel stood ramrod straight showing no emotion when the death sentence was passed on him.
It is possible, when delighting in the ramrod verticality of pique turns performed by Margeaux Mundeyn (Yonny Manaure), the subtle shading of epaulement by Olga Supphozova (Robert Carter), or the perfectly arched foot of Ida Nevasayneva (Paul Ghiselin), to forget that the ballerinas of Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo are men.
is pleased to announce that, subject to regulatory approval, it has agreed to sell its 24% interest in the Damoti Lake Project to Consolidated Ramrod Gold Corporation ("Ramrod") for 630,000 common shares of Ramrod.
The inelegantly conflicting geometries are lanced by the ramrod fissure of a circulation spine that runs the length of the building.
and Consolidated Ramrod (which later became Quest International Resources Corporation).
Don't thumb the bullet or place your hand over it or the end of the ramrod while they are on/in the muzzle/barrel.
A second shot requires jamming pre-measured grains of black powder or hardened cylinders of Pyrodex or Triple 7s down the barrel with your ramrod.
Take the 79-year-old pensioner, back ramrod straight, eyes bright, dignified and dapper, telling Ant and Dec how he nursed his wife through 10 years of Alzheimer's disease and since he lost her planned to make every day "like Christmas".
Recently, anti-gun legislators in Connecticut attempted to ramrod through the Public Safety Committee without a meaningful legislative heating more than a dozen gun-control bills--including a one-gun-a-month bill, ballistics imaging bill and numerous versions of a "lost and stolen" bill soundly rejected by the General Assembly last year.