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Pig came out to finish raking her yard--but her yard was all clear
The device also eliminates the awkward raking procedure of two workers standing on the tarp, as well as the clumsy use of rocks and stakes.
Remove it regularly by raking with a spring-tine rake at least twice a year, in spring and autumn.
When raking, don't twist your body; instead, use your legs to shift your weight, switching sides frequently," he warned.
A few blocks away, Danna and Greg Skillman were both raking leaves from a sycamore.
Meanwhile over at the Label, Pat "The Street Rake" Rakestraw will be raking the streets as a Six Gun pro and moving out of the closet and into plush Hollywood digs with misfit-no-more Patrick Melcher.
Another measure of the degree to which high-school academic courses have been watered down is provided by achievement scores in districts and schools where more children are raking academic courses.
The Allsop Home Garden's version called the Wheel Easy is longer and more shallow in design (great for raking leaves into it) and has an all-steel construction so it can hold up to 350 pounds, but it's an investment at $129.
AS the leaves rain down about our ears and block all the drains in the street, many Sunday Mercury readers will be turning to ways of raking them up.
The soft, flexible tines are effective for gently raking ground covers and other uneven surfaces.
Every fall, thousands of Wisconsinites hurt their backs raking leaves, cleaning gutters and doing other seasonal yard work.
Wait until the soil in the lawn has drained and dried, then give the grass a vigorous raking using a flexible-tined (fingered) rake.
Lyle Ethington came up with the idea for the Amazing Rake while raking up his barn.
Suzanne Hamilton, head of creative arts at the school, said: "We are all very excited about being able to perform our new piece at this year's Moon raking Festival.
Whether it's raking leaves, shoveling snow, or cleaning out the garage, your back muscles will be strained and abused.