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The race is for the most raked hands and not for the value of rakes.
But your leaves need to be raked (therein lies the motivation) and you need to rake them (the exercise that also results in exporting leaves from your yard).
I said if we raked them the way we did when we started the tournament, we'd have an uncertainty of what the lie was.
The stunning, gargantuan, Richard Serra-like set (designed by Waltz and Thomas Schenk) was made up of a curved, hanging, caramel-colored wooden wall and a heavily raked white floor that sat like an installation on the beautifully lit stage.
During the 1991 Gulf War, this structure was raked by US military machine-gun fire; its present status is unknown.
What this means is that whatever is being hoed, raked or shoveled should be close to the trunk of your body.
The auditoria were already boat-like in form, with seating (513) raked down to the screen at the rear of the building; and in contriving a foyer that would be an open sociable space, it was decided to accommodate it under their rake and enclose it with glass (504).
While Tenet was raking in from Medicare what appears to be hundreds of millions of dollars in excessive outlier payments, Tenet CEO Jeffrey Barbakow raked in $111 million in stock options.
Maddie raked and piled, finally combining all of her small leaf mounds into one huge mountain.
There was a time in this country - sometime during the Eisenhower administration, as I recall - when real men mowed their own lawns, raked their own leaves and did their own edging on the weekends - or made their teen-age sons do it to earn an allowance.
The wrapped and raked lens configurations maximize peripheral protection against sun, wind and hazards encountered by the active wearer.
The fire is raked twice a day and it takes about five seconds.