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The raked angle gave the alternately playful and emotional choreography tension and weight, and the smoothly crafted partnering was made of unexpected wrappings, extensions, lifts, and descents.
In fact, plots that were raked annually required only half the rain to generate 20 minutes of runoff, while producing about twice as much runoff as plots that were raked less frequently.
Run it after each time you hand-rake in the same direction the power rake slit the soil so more seed can drop into the core holes and slits without being raked off.
The auditoria were already boat-like in form, with seating (513) raked down to the screen at the rear of the building; and in contriving a foyer that would be an open sociable space, it was decided to accommodate it under their rake and enclose it with glass (504).
It's alright to want grass, To lay facing a single star, Some cloud that raked The Pacific.
The wrapped and raked lens configurations maximize peripheral protection against sun, wind and hazards encountered by the active wearer.
After it was cut, it was raked by a rake pulled by two horses.
But your leaves need to be raked (therein lies the motivation) and you need to rake them (the exercise that also results in exporting leaves from your yard).
Farmers cut the hay, raked it into piles, then pitched it onto a wagon.