rake around

rake something around

to spread something around with a rake. She raked the leaves around, spreading them over the flower beds as natural fertilizer. I need to rake around the soil and stir it up.
See also: around, rake
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Aberdeen's eight cameras issued around 120 fines per day, meaning they are likely to rake around PS1.
Three New AZEK Mouldings - AZEK Water Table, an architecturally and aesthetically appealing drip cap with an integrated, tapered starter strip; AZEK Band Moulding, a decorative profile used on the rake around exterior window frames with swooping bevels to enhance the edges; and the AZEK Garage Door Thermostop, designed to be used in a spot where wood typically rots from the bottom up, this is an easy to install, low-maintenance upgrade with a built-in flexible weather strip intended to help limit weather intrusion.
So he was ready to rake around the three-mile Down Royal circuit in a Subaru Impreza WRC rally car, piloted by Irish legend Denis Biggerstaff.
These fans will not sit back quietly if their manager is forced to rake around in the basement barrels of the transfer market on the back of two Champions League campaigns which will have brought in some the where in the region of pounds 25m-pounds 30m.
Celtic can rake around in the boardroom for the resources to buy a new hitman.
The news will also come as a boost to manager O'Neill who has been left to rake around the transfer market's bargain bins during the last three years,with the club making little more thanpounds 1m a year in domestic TV revenue.
If you like a good old rake around jumble sales, then don't miss the Sunday morning flea market at Marolles.
The news will also come as a boost to manager O'Neill, who has been left to rake around the transfer market's bargain barrels over the last three years, with the club making little more than pounds 1m a year in domestic TV revenue.
Of course there will be pseudo-historians who will whinge on about ancient traditions and rake around on the margins of life defending their culture but let's not allow them to disgrace the word culture, when what they really mean is hate swathed in rituals.
Cathy Reid, of the Scottish label Babe, said: "When we get the sun as early as this, you do find people tend to rake around their wardrobe and make do with last year's gear.
I predict it will be an unhappy summer for the Jags, losing players they can no longer afford and having to rake around in the bargain basement for someone willing to play for peanuts.