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curtain raiser

1. A short play or skit that precedes the main performance. I have always wanted to be a stage actor, but I've only been cast in a few tiny curtain raisers so far, playing to mostly empty theaters.
2. By extension, any event or performance that precedes the main attraction. Some local singer performed a few songs as a curtain raiser, but no one really paid him much attention until he finally announced the band was about to come on stage. The curtain-raiser match between the two university teams proved far more exciting than the professional football match that everyone had paid to see.
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curtain raiser

Preliminary event, as in This limited attack on the chairman is just a curtain raiser for the concerted effort to oust him . This term literally refers to a short play or skit presented before the main theatrical production. It began to be transferred to other preliminaries about 1940.
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and hell raiser
n. a rowdy person; a hell-raising person. (Use caution with hell.) Jimmy is turning out to be a real hell raiser. A bunch of hell raisers kept me up late last night.

hell raiser

See heller
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Steve Raiser is a founding partner of Raiser & Kenniff, PC.
Media Contact: Steve Raiser, Raiser & Kenniff, PC, 516-742-7600, criminaldefense@raiserkenniff.
Finally, Jubilee comes as a message of hope for both the Church and the world, which too often are "captives to forces of domination, competitiveness and exclusiveness," Raiser concluded.
One thing very noticeable as the puppy raisers walk their guide-dog- hopefuls is the reactions of people who walk by them.
Raiser said that he was "shocked and deeply saddened" at the destruction that he had seen in the city of Kaduna and its outskirts both in Christian and Muslim communities.
I'm not convinced forming another body will take us much further," Dr Raiser said.
With past fund raisers, we designated moneys for specific projects, such as purchasing additional chalices for eucharistic ministers to distribute hosts.
Last Thursday, KFI's "The John and Ken Show" held a special live fund raiser from the Ayres Hotel in Laguna Woods featuring KFI hosts, Dr.
According to another station spokesperson, KFI's past fund raisers have raised 10,000-15,000 dollars per hour.
Lindsay's mom, Nancy, helps out once in a while, but make no mistake about it, say the people at the Guide Dogs of America: It's Lindsay - the youngest puppy raiser in the organization - who's done the work.
States may maintain fraud actions when fund raisers make false or misleading representations designed to deceive donors about how their donations will be used.
The donation to Habitat for Humanity came about because past fund- raisers had always been shared with one or more nonprofit agencies.
One may assume the big-money donors at Republican fund raisers chow down on steak while the Democrats pick at tofu and bean sprouts.