raise a/(one's) voice against (someone or something)

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raise a/(one's) voice against (someone or something)

To publicly defy, condemn, oppose, or remonstrate against someone or something. The prime minister is facing heavy criticism after not raising a voice against the violence committed by the supremacist group. I was about to raise my voice against the proposal, but I was too afraid of losing my job.
See also: raise, voice

raise one's voice against someone or something

Fig. to speak out loudly or angrily against someone or something; to complain about someone or something. Tony was very polite and did not raise his voice against Roger. I was too timid to raise my voice against the injustices of the day.
See also: raise, voice

raise a/your voice aˈgainst somebody/something

say publicly that you do not agree with somebody’s actions, plans, etc: He was the only person to raise his voice against the plan.
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Though the medium of your esteemed daily I appeal to the public to raise their voice against these unethical parties.
Summary: After the mutilated body of an eight-year-old was recovered in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, social media users urged Pakistanis to raise their voice against child abuse
Asma fought for her entire life against dictators and anti-democratic elements,' he said adding that undemocratic rulers always have tried to spread fear in the society so that people do not raise their voice against their atrocities.
ISLAMABAD -- Lieutenant General (Retired) Senator Abdul Qayyum has asked the British parliamentarians to raise their voice against the ongoing human rights (HR) violations in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) in the House of Commons.
New body including President Abdul Salam Unar, vice president Agha Israr, General Secretary Ayaz Mangi, Joint Secretary Muhammad Paryal Marri, Treasurer Deedar Ali Soomro, while four executive committee members including Ghulam Murtaza Abro, Sultan Rind, Zahid Noon, and Rahim Bux Jamali took oath and vowed who would raise their voice against injustice and would highlight the civic issues being faced by people of Shikarpur.
A string of celebs such as Hamza Ali Abbasi, Muniba Mazari, Nadia Jamil and famed TV show host Iqrarul Hassan took to social media to raise their voice against the atrocity and wrote:Muniba Mazari:PHOTO: TWITTER/MUNIBA MAZARIAli Zafar:PHOTO: ALI ZAFAR/TWITTERNadia Jamil:PHOTO: NADIA JAMIL/TWITTERSaba Qamar:PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/SABA QAMARHareem Farooq:PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/HAREEM FAROOQFakhr-e-Alam:PHOTO: TWITTER/FAKHR-E-ALAMZahid Ahmed:PHOTO: ZAHID AHMED/INSTAGRAMMeanwhile, a number of Pakistani cricketers including veteran all-rounder Shoaib Malik, pacer Wahab Riaz and opener Ahmed Shehzad expressed their sorrow over the incident through their official Twitter accounts.
He urged the prayer leaders to highlight the issue in their Friday sermons and raise their voice against the US provocations.
Summary: Agartala (Tripura) [India], November 25 (ANI): Senior BJP leader Ram Madhav on Saturday said that it is high time for the people of Tripura to get united and raise their voice against 'jungle raj' in the state under Chief Minister Manik Sarkar.
Speaking on the occasion, Prof Dr Ghulam Qasim Khan Marwat said that educational institutes can play a vital role in promotion of human rights in the society as they have direct link with people and have a platform to raise their voice against injustices.
Every sane Indian stands by Aamir Khan and all those people who raise their voice against the growing wave of intolerance in India.
This pan-slavic fraction is lately getting stronger fully marginalizing the pro-Albanian officials who dare to raise their voice against the politics of the Macedonian nationalist duo, Gruevski-Ahmeti.
The brutal gang rape of a paramedical student in the Capital on December 16 has forced many to raise their voice against such violence.
I appeal to all honorable sportsmen not to take part in this racing and to back the Bahraini people in their rejection of this event by helping raise their voice against such inhumane acts," Sadr said.
I believe that our people will raise their voice against terrorists.
Now all the youth need is direction, a means to speak out and raise their voice against social injustices.