raise the spectre of

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raise the spectre of something

  (British, American & Australian) also raise the specter of something (American)
to make people worry that something unpleasant will happen Drought and war have raised the spectre of food shortages for millions of people. Napoli's 1-0 defeat at Bologna raised the spectre of relegation for the Italian champions.
See the ghost at the feast
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Some opponents of the practice raise the specter of young gigolos reeling in wealthy old bags and "extorting" them.
Argentina knows that, if necessary, it can again play the default card or raise the specter of an international crisis.
Even though manufacturers disputed those findings, they are enough to raise the specter of a Florida-style recount with no paper records to count.
Cressy concludes that although the story reveals credulity and victimization, the remarkable feature of the case is that Agnes's accuser did not raise the specter of witchcraft or attempt to show it as a portent of divine displeasure on the Elizabethan religious settlement.
Such cross-species operations raise the specter of animal viruses leaping the barrier into the human population.
According to the Institute for Democracy Studies, Pavone's activities raise the specter of a church-directed voting bloc that could threaten church-state separation.
The performances may consist of bits and pieces of works lifted out of context, and the edible portions of the evening can raise the specter of wine-stimulated acidic nightmares accompanied by high-carb, high-fat finger foods.
These historical events raise the specter of more serious concerns because of recent increases in:
Even if they were more effective, regular use of antibiotics would upset the digestive system and raise the specter of life-threatening drug-resistant infections.
Consequently, the Commission must avoid making recommendations that raise the specter of retroactive tax increases.
Naturally, opponents of tax relief for families and tax reductions for businesses raise the specter of an even larger federal deficit.
As the year progressed, investors seemed to reach the consensus that the Fed had engineered a healthy environment for high yield - an economy that was slowing enough to lessen inflation concerns but not slowing so much as to raise the specter of declining corporate profitability.
In television interviews, Bustamante reiterated his opposition to recall but Davis' poor poll numbers raise the specter of a Republican capturing the governorship.
If the stock market isn't looking too snappy, real estate is suddenly being flooded with inventory, and rising oil prices again raise the specter of inflation for the umpteenth time - investors are seeing their investment options dwindle to nothing.
The Jarvisites, in their zeal to defeat the current ballot measure, raise the specter of evil renters vs.