raise havoc with

raise havoc with someone or something

 and play havoc with someone or something
to create confusion or disruption for or among someone or something. Your announcement raised havoc with the students. I didn't mean to play havoc with them.
See also: havoc, raise
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Petroleum, which is the life blood of many economies, continues to raise havoc with depressed pricing, and those who have been out selling oil and gas deals may not be answering their phones at the present time.
Further, the financial crisis in Europe continues to raise havoc with Wall Street and American companies' international operations.
I'm not a doomsayer, however water contamination can come from many directions--cracked pipes, loose couplings, leaking in-ground fuel storage tanks, even well drillings from a mile away and bouts of area flooding can raise havoc with wells.
It's not going to hurt the manure, but it's going to raise havoc with the ice cream.
They can all be Nobel Prize winners,'' he said, ``but they are going to raise havoc with projects.
It is difficult to rinse off your equipment and failure to get it all off will raise havoc with your buddies, the yeast.