raise hackles

raise your hackles

to annoy someone Jim could raise her hackles quickly, but she enjoyed being with him anyway.
Related vocabulary: make your hair stand on end
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of hackles (the hairs on the back of a dog's neck that stick up when the dog fears something)
See also: hackle, raise

raise (somebody's) hackles

  also make (somebody's) hackles rise
to annoy someone
Usage notes: Hackles are the hairs on the back of a dog's neck which stand up when it is angry.
The politician's frank interview may have raised hackles in his party. The movie's pro-war message made many people's hackles rise.
See also: hackle, raise
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And for millions of passionate cricket followers who worship Tendulkar the deity, his comments are going to raise hackles.
On Friday, Badal introduced Jaitley as a future deputy prime minister-in-waiting to the people of the border district of Attari during the BJP leader 's first public rally here, which could potentially raise hackles within the BJP.
Putin's reaction, the deployment of troops and a virtual takeover of the Crimea may raise hackles in the west but will run very well indeed at home.
But accessing and using Peugeot technology may raise hackles with the French government, which may be keen to have a strategic say in the firm.
Against this backdrop, our report today on how Welsh MPs are legitimately earning up to PS110,000 extra a year through second jobs and - at the other end of the scale - PS75 a pop for completing a 15-minute survey will raise hackles in a nation where even half a politician's salary is seen as a good wage.
The blunt criticism of Hamas's military strategy is likely to raise hackles among Palestinian rights advocates who say Israel's strategy for isolating Hamas amounts to an attack on Gaza's 1.
Apparently, that was enough to raise hackles at the AFA.
Japan: Japan s government on Monday will rubber stamp plans to nationalise a group of islands at the centre of a territorial dispute with China, reports said, a move likely to raise hackles in Beijing.
Among other things, the resolution asks for a US troop presence for up to 10 years be yond the 2014 withdrawal deadline set by President Obama--a stand that is certain to raise hackles in Tehran.
The summary didn't use the word "substantially," which can raise hackles in Beijing.
Although Karzai's team stopped short of claiming victory and said it would respect the recount, Omer's comments will raise hackles among western allies, who are banking on the audit to restore a measure of credibility to elections marred by evidence of huge rigging.
When he addresses the TUC tomorrow he is expected to raise hackles by justifying cuts.
This won't be the last time Dr Williams will raise hackles by saying what he thinks.
Still on the Old Firm, the five percent levy they want to apply to ticket sales for away matches continues to raise hackles, although the move does have its backers.
Why does it raise hackles on the coasts and play so well in the heartland?