raise a hue and cry

raise a hue and cry (about something)

Fig. to make an issue about something; to alert people to a problem or difficulty. The city council raised a hue and cry about the mayor's proposed budget.
See also: and, cry, hue, raise
References in classic literature ?
Or as some fierce lion upon the mountains in the pride of his strength fastens on the finest heifer in a herd as it is feeding--first he breaks her neck with his strong jaws, and then gorges on her blood and entrails; dogs and shepherds raise a hue and cry against him, but they stand aloof and will not come close to him, for they are pale with fear--even so no one had the courage to face valiant Menelaus.
Our media people literally raise a hue and cry and instead of coming up with recommendations to resolve an issue, they end up shouting or laughing.
He could have been Scotland's own Frank Sinatra, but preferred to raise a hue and cry on the political and journalistic stage.
Congress would raise a hue and cry about where would employers get the money for such an outrageous increase.