raise eyebrows

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raise (some) eyebrows

also raise a few eyebrows
to cause disapproval or worry The styles now favored by many teenagers have raised a few eyebrows among parents.
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raise (a few) eyebrows

to shock or surprise people Anna's miniskirt raised eyebrows at the board meeting. The player's huge transfer fee raised a few eyebrows in the football world.
See also: eyebrow, raise

raise eyebrows

To cause surprise or mild disapproval.
See also: eyebrow, raise
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He made a raft of pre-Budget pledges to the people but it should raise a few eyebrows as we're just months away from another election.
EORGE Osborne's revelation today that GLabour agreed to return Northern Rock to the private sector by 2013 will raise a few eyebrows.
A combination of Zane meets Christian, this novel is filled with subliminal messages that are sure to hit home with many mature readers, but will also raise a few eyebrows with its thought provoking, erotic and hard-core content.
However, with the Gramercy Park Hotel lying just outside the boundary that protects the Gramercy Park Historic District, any major changes may raise a few eyebrows in the neighborhood.
SHROPSHIRE'S Sandy Lyle is aiming to raise a few eyebrows at Royal Lytham this week - and book a ticket to the Belfry in September.
Now the satiric ``Election,'' co-starring Matthew Broderick as an obsessed educator and marked by discussions of student-teacher sex so raw that it makes ``Never Been Kissed'' seem positively parochial, is bound to raise a few eyebrows.
His use of books printed before or just after Milton's birth, for example, may raise a few eyebrows.
It also suggests to young moviegoers that kids who witness a crime shouldn't bother to report it because police and their parents won't believe them, a message that's bound to raise a few eyebrows.
LAKE LOS ANGELES - The Ya Hoo Club members from Lake Los Angeles are hoping to raise a few eyebrows and turn a few heads with their first parade, scheduled for April 20.