raise/lower your sights

lower one's sights

Fig. to set one's goals lower. (Alludes to pointing the barrel of a rifle lower to lower the aim of the rifle.) Even though you get frustrated, don't lower your sights. I shouldn't lower my sights. If I work hard, I can do what I want.
See also: lower, sight

raise one's sights

Fig. to set higher goals for oneself. (Alludes to someone lifting the sights of a gun in order to fire farther.) When you're young, you tend to raise your sights too high. On the other hand, some people need to raise their sights.
See also: raise, sight

raise (or lower) your sights

become more (or less) ambitious; increase (or lower) your expectations.
See also: raise, sight

raise/lower your ˈsights

increase/reduce your hopes and ambitions: You should raise your sights and apply for the director’s job.Some women feel that staying at home and having a family means lowering their sights.
See also: lower, raise, sight