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Force the muscles to raise the weight (through the muscles' fullest range of motion).
You might be able to raise sufficient funds to get one of them off the ground, and then come back a year or two after it's open and pull the second one in,'' Ackerman said.
We have experimented with different time intervals, such as doing just one rep - taking 30 seconds to raise the weight and 30 seconds to lower it.
HomeStyle Specialists were encouraged to participate in the ALS Walk 4 Life with the Hope 4 Mike team, and were encouraged to raise money for the cause.
The uncertainties and risks include whether the Company is able to raise capital, identify and complete acquisitions, integrate the acquired businesses, improve upon the operations of the acquired business units, and generate cash and profits.
3 billion Los Angeles spending budget for next year that Mayor James Hahn signed Thursday has a little something extra for most City Hall workers in 3 percent raises and for city residents too - 180 raises in fees and permit costs.
Whilst 2005 was an excellent fundraising year for large buyout funds, it was a challenging time for private equity and venture capital firms looking to raise smaller or other types of funds.
Determine when you want to receive your raise and map out what you need to accomplish to reach that goal.
To raise money, the girls organized a competition among classes to see which could raise the most money, with the winning class receiving a pizza party.
The bonuses will be funded out of the district's emergency reserve fund, and the pay raise may need to come from the district's operating budget, he said.
The fundraising event, a vertical hike up 1,634 stairs at the John Hancock Center, was designed to raise money for education, research and advocacy programs aimed at preventing asthma and lung disease throughout the Chicago area.
Gonzaga, who pledged to raise academic standards and improve fiscal management if elected, said he is up to the challenge of running the $500 million district.
Gone are the days of collecting box tops and milk caps, running marathons and selling chocolate bars to family members in order to raise money for a youth sports team or summer camp.
7 percent raise in 2005; Second straight year of increased raises for employees after three-year decline
Donato got the idea to raise buffalo and sell the meat after his father had heart surgery several years ago.