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For the analysis of moisture content variation in gravel pavements due to the amount of rain and precipitation, duration of rainless period, also due to the amount of reagents helping to accumulate moisture and to retain it in pavement, full factorial experiments of moisture content variation were performed in gravel pavement treated with calcium chloride (Ca[Cl.
Virtually, Egypt is a rainless country, depends for its existence entirely on the Nile, the second longest river in the world.
pleased because it was a rainless day on which she was finding enough mushrooms to justify being there.
And leave it to ground-hugging junipers to sprawl happily over a hot, dry bank through a rainless summer.
Three tributaries joined together in that region to form the Nile, which flowed down one thousand miles to produce a miraculous event each year, the flooding of its river basin, which permitted Egyptian farmers to grow crops in the hot, rainless midsummer.
Then the streams become the cascades of micro-lakes and, following the cascades of micro-swamps during long rainless periods that means, according to Gartsman, (2) a gradual loss of highly developed forms of water bodies within the given landscape.
Sparsely populated and virtually rainless, the desert plateau is made up of salt basins (salars) and lava flows melded into a desolate, lunar landscape scorched by day, chilled by night and blasted by strong winds.
This generalization does not always apply to scalar variants of privative adjectives, since they may be used to characterize a given entity not only as being without the thing designated by the nominal stem (as in: completely sugarless tea, rainless season, profitless business), but also as not having it to some specified degree (as in: almost/nearly sugarless tea, rainless season, profitless business).
After a rainless February and March, cracks are apparent on the soil surface, but the black handful is doughy.
Another rainless summer could spell disaster for thousands of homeowners.
Residents of Bamdoroshni Island, for instance, filled a huge bladder with water and towed it to their island with boats during one such rainless stretch several years back.
And so they ignored or cursed the perennial rainless clouds that promised only disappointment as a recurring part of their quixotic climate - until about a decade ago.
Another sign of a period of fine rainless weather is heat haze filling the valleys, which the Wola insist is wispy wood smoke refusing to rise up into the sky.
Investments should be carried out during the rainless.