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save (something) for a rainy day

 and put something aside for a rainy day; hold something back for a rainy day; keep something for a rainy day
Fig. to reserve something--usually money--for some future need. I've saved a little money for a rainy day. Keep some extra allowance for a rainy day.
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rainy day, a

A time of need or trouble, as in We knew a rainy day would come sooner or later. This idiom is often used in the context of save for a rainy day, which means to put something aside for a future time of need. [Late 1500s]
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save (something) for a rainy day

If you save for a rainy day or save money for a rainy day, you save some of your money in case there are emergencies or problems in the future. Saving for a rainy day and paying off debts is now a top priority for families. Job loss fears are forcing millions of consumers to save for a rainy day rather than borrow. Note: Verbs such as keep, put by and set aside are sometimes used instead of save. These people spent the money when they had it. They did not put it by for a rainy day!
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save for a rainy day

Provide contingency funds for when times are tough. There's no clear answer to when this expression began (some have traced it back to the 16th century), but it's clear that a “rainy day” is the symbol of gloom. The wise course, therefore, is to sock away funds to tide you over when times are tough.
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12, the second day of a three-day storm, made for the third rainiest day since records began in 1931.
It had been the rainiest day imaginable, and when we got back to the hotel I carefully laid it out to dry beside a heater in the team-room.
One of the rainiest winters on record has spawned unusually high pollen and mold counts throughout the region, officials said Monday.
But we've still got January, February and March, and those are our rainiest months.
One of the rainiest years on record came two years ago when El Nino dumped nearly 50 inches of rain on Santa Clarita.
A year after the rainiest season on record in Santa Clarita, the rattlers are thriving.
On Sunday, Columbia, which is in the center of the state, recorded its rainiest day in history, according to the National Weather Service.
The real trouble is the third group, located in the swamps of the bloody Syrian civil war, in which Erdoy-an has reportedly been investing for the rainiest of days.
The month's rainiest days were between May 2 and May 6, with Cork Airport reporting its wettest day on May 2 with 38.
This is the Alakai," she explains, noting that its rainiest and most weed-free and bird-dense section is east.
Under Cherrapunjee's umbrella Romance the greenest landscape What: It used to be the rainiest place on earth and even though now it no longer holds that title, Cherrapunjee is still one of the most gorgeous, stimulating and romantic places in the country.
The storm is expected to be one of the windiest and rainiest in five years and could also cause debris slides, especially in areas affected by this year's intense and widespread wildfires.
mangle in Itapaje were made between January and August, which coincides with the rainiest months in the region, and Lima et al.