rail against

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rail against (someone or something)

To protest, criticize, or vent angrily about someone or something. I spent a lot of my teenage years raging against my parents, but looking back, I gave them way more grief than they deserved. Employees has formed a picket line outside of the company as they rail against proposed cuts to their pay and pension schemes.
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rail against someone or something

to complain vehemently about someone or something. Why are you railing against me? What did I do? Leonard is railing against the tax increase again.
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rail against

To protest something vehemently, especially using strong language: The students railed against the change to a longer school year.
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The executive editor of the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call and a host on Fox News, Kondracke continued: "Part of the equation, too, is a loud claque of radio and TV talk show hosts who rail against an 'invasion' of foreigners flooding across 'porous' U.
At a time when television preachers and misguided politicians rail against church-state separation and individual freedom, a bracing sermon from Leland is very much in order.
The curators rail against the tyrannical geometry of the International Style.
Others rail against dissenters who are disobedient to the magisterium or rebel against papal directives.
Or they rail against the eruption of rural "starter castles" amid once-working cattle ranches that have been transformed into urban cowboy retreats.
THE Rail, Maritime and Transport Union kicks off its ambitious Rail Against Privatisation march across Britain on Saturday, April 16, in Glasgow.
Official art culture is much more effective in its control of history than Republican strategists, for it knows that the best way to treat contradictory material is not to rail against it, but simply to pretend it didn't happen," he writes in "Death and Transfiguration," his 1992 Thek essay.
Some political observers have noted that the Religious Right can hardly rail against "big government" anymore.
Laws may forbid it, and religious zealots may rail against it, but gay marriage is alive and well online --even on the primary straight sites.
Didn't Bill Clinton rail against George Bush in Campaign '92 for "coddling Chinese dictators"?
Because many African-Americans do not see -- or choose not to see -- compulsory heterosexuality as oppression, their use of scripture as the Word of God to rail against us queers becomes their excuse and their means to purportedly do God's will.