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air rage

Sudden, unruly, and often violently aggressive behavior of a passenger aboard an airplane, generally while in the air, which puts the safety of other passengers, the crew, or the airplane at risk. The term is modeled on "road rage," which is the equivalent behavior in relation to driving. Airline crews are trained to diffuse incidents of air rage, which often start as minor disputes between passengers.
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in a rage

Furious; very angry. I'd steer clear of dad right now—he's in a rage because of some problem at work. I can't stand sitting in traffic, it totally gets me in a rage.
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all the rage

Fig. in current fashion; being a current fad. A new dance called the "floppy disc" is all the rage. Wearing a rope instead of a belt was all the rage in those days.
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bristle with rage

 and bristle with anger; bristle with indignation
Fig. to demonstrate one's anger, rage, or displeasure with a strong negative response. (Alludes to a dog or cat raising the hair on its back in anger or as a threat.) She was just bristling with anger. I don't know what set her off. Walter bristled with rage as he saw the damage to his new car.
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fly into a rage

Fig. to become enraged suddenly. When he heard the report, he flew into a rage. We were afraid that she would fly into a rage.
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rage against someone or something

to vent one's anger about someone or something; to criticize someone or something severely. She exhausted herself raging against Judy. Mary is raging about the office politics again.
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rage at someone or something

to direct one's anger at someone or something. Why are you raging at me? What on earth did I do? Nothing can be solved by raging at the police department.
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rage out of control

to become uncontrollable. The fire raged out of control and threatened the residential area. If we didn't do something quickly, the fire would be raging out of control.
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rage over someone or something

to fight furiously over someone or something. The two managers both wanted to hire the same prospective employee. They raged over her for nearly an hour. The bean raged over that one fish for a long time.
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rage through something

1. Lit. [for a fire] to burn rapidly through an area or a building. The fire raged through the unoccupied building. When the fire began to rage through the forest, we knew we had better head for the river.
2. Fig. [for someone] to move rapidly through some sequence or process, as if in a rage. Harry raged through the contract, looking for more errors. She raged through the book, angry with everything she read.
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all the rage

also the latest rage
very fashionable or stylish DVDs are all the rage, and several movie companies have started releasing titles in this format. Flared slacks and low heels are the latest rage in women's fashion.
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fly into a rage

See: fly off the handle
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be all the rage

  (old-fashioned, informal)
to be very fashionable Fake leopard print, so fashionable in the seventies, is all the rage again now.
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all the rage

Also, all the thing. The current or latest fashion, with the implication that it will be short-lived, as in In the 1940s the lindy-hop was all the rage. The use of rage reflects the transfer of an angry passion to an enthusiastic one; thing is vaguer. [Late 1700s] These terms are heard less often today than the synonym the thing.
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rage against

To protest something angrily or violently: The marching protestors were raging against the new taxes.
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rage at

To express or direct strong anger toward someone or something: The sergeant raged at the troops for falling behind the rest of the platoon.
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the rage

n. the current fad; an irresistible fad. (Often with all the. Old but recurrent.) One rage after another. Can’t I find something that will stay the same for a while?
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in. to party; to celebrate. (Collegiate.) Fred and Mary were raging over at the frat house last weekend.
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