rage over

rage over (something)

1. To become furious about something. He sat there raging over the fact that he'd been passed over for the promotion.
2. Of an argument, fight, debate, controversy, etc., to continue with fierce and unabating intensity. A debate has been raging over who should benefit most from a government tax cut. Controversy continues to rage over pictures of prison guard physically assaulting inmates.
See also: over, rage

rage over someone or something

to fight furiously over someone or something. The two managers both wanted to hire the same prospective employee. They raged over her for nearly an hour. The bean raged over that one fish for a long time.
See also: over, rage
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KEVIN Pietersen's Indian Premier League status is set to be clarified today as debate continues to rage over his future as an England player.
Aleta Hayes (Demeter, Persephone's mother), with her gut-wrenching singing voice and superb acting skills, became the emotional center of the piece, even surviving some too-clever episodes--in a fit of rage over her daughter's abduction, she ripped up the tape securing the white stage floor covering, which the dancers then peeled back in sheets to reveal black.