rage at

rage at (someone or something)

To vent one's intense anger or frustration directly at someone or something, whether or not they are the cause of it. Humiliated by his lowly position and poor treatment at work, Tom began raging at his family every evening when he got home. Raging at the dog for pooping on the carpet isn't going to solve anything, Sarah.
See also: rage

rage at someone or something

to direct one's anger at someone or something. Why are you raging at me? What on earth did I do? Nothing can be solved by raging at the police department.
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rage at

To express or direct strong anger toward someone or something: The sergeant raged at the troops for falling behind the rest of the platoon.
See also: rage
References in classic literature ?
It did no damage, though he howled with a sudden increase of rage at my daring to strike back.
One study estimates that more than half of all drivers have experienced a surge of road rage at some point, although not all ram the offender's rear bumper, pull a pistol, or run someone off the road.
By all means rage at a grotesquely over-paid, foul-mouthed young man for failing to keep his emotions in check.
There is even a trolley or basket rage at the cash tills in supermarkets when someone with more than the stipulated number of items dares to go ahead of someone else.
Mordecai's daughter Martha was overcome with grief as she read Dylan Thomas's "Do not go gentle into that good night," in which a son beseeches his father to "Rage, rage at the dying of the light.
WE HAVE PONDERED and discussed the question of parking lot rage at length, and these are our final conclusions: We are forced with two major problems in parking lots today; one is physical and the other psychological.
We appear to have turned into an aggressive breed, ready to rage at anyone who displeases us.
It is misleading for example, to see Black femmes fatales, neurotic detectives, and grotesque bad guys as poor imitations of their White counterparts; these characters may be redeployed in the genre by Black filmmakers in order to represent such themes as Black rage at White America.
327p at the time of suspension, valuing Rage at pounds 2.
No doubt some readers will feel some road (-related) rage at my suggestions.