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raffle off (something)

To give something away as the prize of a raffle. (A raffle is a lottery in which a number is drawn at random that corresponds to one given to a participant.) As part of the fundraiser, our church is raffling off a brand new jet ski. We raffled off 10 tickets to the latest Broadway musical to help pay for our trip to Rome.
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raffle something off

to give something away by a drawing or raffle. They will raffle a television set off. They are going to raffle off a television set this weekend at the school.
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raffle off

To offer something as a prize in a lottery in which a number of persons buy chances to win: The theater is raffling off tickets to its upcoming plays. The school raffled a new car off to raise money for a new swimming pool.
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References in classic literature ?
I really think you had better stay away," said Raffles as we reached the other curb.
But Raffles had the grace to give in with a laugh, whereas I too often lost my temper with my point.
I passed the time with one restless eye upon the clock, and the other on the Tantalus which Raffles ruthlessly declined to unlock.
As a mere talker, I shall never listen to the like of Raffles on this side of the sod; and his talk was seldom garnished by an oath, never in my remembrance by the unclean word.
Constitutionally shy of the direct approach, Raffles was further deterred by a ball in full swing at the Empress Rooms, whence potential witnesses were pouring between dances into the cool deserted street.
cried Raffles, "simply saying to my friend that I'd like to lift the gold cup?
Exactly; and I say what I feel, that's all," said Raffles airily.
Raffles studied his face; he was still watching Raffles; and I kept an eye on them both without putting in my word.
It ought to be a javelin," said Raffles, nervously.
All at once, yet somehow not so suddenly as to excite suspicion, Raffles had become the elderly busybody with nerves; why, I could not for the life of me imagine; and the policeman seemed equally at sea.
Meanwhile Raffles rejoined me, with a covert coat over his blazer, and a soft felt hat set carelessly on the curly head he shook with a smile as I passed him the decanter.
You see, I'm known to the police," laughed Raffles as we passed on.
Raffles was gazing up at some windows across the road, windows barely discernible through the mist, and without the glimmer of a light to throw them out.
Raffles drew a deep breath, and his singular grip of me slowly relaxed.
But obviously Raffles and he were on exceptional terms of intimacy, and I could not but infer that they were in the habit of playing practical jokes upon each other.