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Because loads are stored only one pallet deep, single-deep racking provides the lowest-density storage of any pallet racking.
Push-Back racking manages inventory on a last-in-/first-out basis and provides up to 75% additional storage over conventional selective pallet racking.
Drive-In & Double Wide Drive-In: Creating extremely dense storage, Drive-In racking can be configured to store loads up to four or more deep to create extremely dense storage.
PV Racking LLC, a Pennsylvania-based firm, specializes in designing and manufacturing solar racking systems for both roof and ground mount installations.
SolarDock excels in the industry as a ballasted solar racking system for residential and commercial flat roofs.
Interlake has held a leading market position in heavy duty steel storage racking and retail displays for over 30 years.
United Fixtures is a leading producer of heavy duty steel storage and display racking as well as vertical carousels for the retail and home center markets.
Hergo will be providing racking systems to organize and house the technology for the five U.
Postal Service, Hergo will be supplying more than 200 racking systems for use in the VTAPS (Vehicle Tracking Analysis & Performance System) project.
Additionally, unique SharkIce(TM) and UniCool(TM) cooling systems (optional in the UniMount) prevent the server-to-server heat build-up that often causes intermittent system problems and component failure in traditional racking environments.