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land so poor it wouldn't even raise a fuss

 and land too poor to raise a racket on
Rur. land where nothing will grow. I inherited two hundred acres from my uncle, but it's land so poor it wouldn't even raise a fuss. The soil's exhausted. That land is so poor it wouldn't even raise a fuss. Jill can grow a garden anywhere, even on land too poor to raise a racket on.
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juice racket

n. a racket where exorbitant interest is charged on loans. (Underworld.) The cops got one of the leaders of the juice racket.
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1. n. noise. Cut out that racket! Shut up!
2. n. a deception; a scam. This is not a service station; it’s a real racket!
3. n. any job. I’ve been in this racket for twenty years and never made any money.
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All I've done before is pick up a racket and go 'Heavy or light?
ABOUT THE PRO STAFF 97S Wilson Labs, the innovation hub at Wilson, and recently re-signed Wilson Advisory Staff member Grigor Dimitrov, worked collaboratively for 24 months to develop a new Pro Staff racket to round out the highly popular Pro Staff franchise.
The police are investigating to track the real culprits behind the racket.
The LT12 racket was inspired by his belief that true victory was to remain elegant whatever the effort; it reinvented the traditional racket by combining wood and graphite for the first time.
PowerAngle Rackets can be purchased online at PowerAngle.
Ben Gudzelak, Head of Racket Sports at Hudderseld LTL &SC, said: "We are really excited to be running an open day as part of the Great British Tennis Weekend.
When instead of going against drug deals and sex rackets, the BJP are supporting it, it clearly shows the direction in which the party is going," he said.
Many unskilled persons working in the Gulf are suspected to be easy victims for smuggling rackets and offer their services to smuggle gold, risking their future.
The specifications of these rackets were measured after the rackets were strung (250 N) and grip tape applied, as well as after the video markers were pasted on the racketframe.
If you don't have a set, you can buy a pair of rackets from Argos for PS16.
Summary: A group in Queens, New York, create a 50ft high tennis racket.
As for the compulsory controls, Bassyoni said rackets will be collected by the umpires of the match immediately after the last point.
Roddick angrily threw his rackets toward his entourage after being broken in game seven of the opening set and never gained a foothold in the match as Gabashvili booked his place in the fourth round of a grand slam for the first time.
Wood was only material for manufacturing of tennis rackets but it has now been totally outclassed by new high performance materials.
The symbolic rackets are courtesy of leading luxury car brand Cadillac, official transport providers for the 'Legends Rock Dubai' and sponsors of the event for the past three years.