race card

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*race card

Cliché the issue of race magnified and injected into a situation which might otherwise be non-racial. (Typically: deal ~; play ~; use ~.) At the last minute, the opposition candidate played the race card and lost the election for himself.
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and said that in honour of King and all those who are committed to ending racial divide, there should be no more playing the race card, Politico reported.
A bumper 137 entries have been received for the eight race card - run in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance over a three-mile course - and the first and fifth races have been split.
We have been incredibly well supported by the Tote, and our race card printers Timeform with generous sponsorship.
I FIND it sad that Mr Berman felt he had to use the race card in response to my letter about Cardiff being destroyed (Viewpoints, February 28).
Stanford law professor Richard Thompson Ford's book The Race Card: How Bluffing about Bias Makes Race Relations Worse decries those who play the race card by claiming race discrimination when it may not really be involved.
I know it sounds strange," Barack said, "but as soon as they issued me my race card, I knew I should put it somewhere safe.
The race was an exciting addition to the Grand National race card," said Tim Seagar, marketing director S&N UK.
Given the widespread belief in colorblindness within contemporary America, the race card refers to those efforts to add race into a supposedly race-neutral situation.
Sabina of "playing the race card," according to the Tribune.
While some in the industry have pulled the race card as a motive for the SEC turning over its investigation to the Justice Department, the SEC denies those claims.
He knew when to play the religion card, the race card, the party card and anything else in his artfully-shuffled deck.
All sources wagering on the 11-race Kentucky Oaks race card climbed to $33,570,510, a 1.
A total of 89 entries have been received for the six race card and the first race is due off at 1pm.
It is disturbing that any candidate in 2008 would play the race card.
WHETHER you choose to dine in one of our fantastic restaurants with stunning views of all the live action - with admission, race card and a mouth-watering meal as standard - or decide to take a trip trackside and get close up to the action, you can be assured of an adrenalin-fuelled night out for all.