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raccoon eye(s)

1. Discoloration in the area surrounding the eye(s) due to an accumulation of blood, as caused by periorbital ecchymosis (i.e., "black eye(s)"). Likened to the black patches around the eyes of a raccoon. He had a pretty bad raccoon eye after the bully punched him in the face. I had raccoon eyes for several days after my car accident.
2. A discoloration immediately around—and especially under—the eye(s) due to the smearing or heavy application of dark-colored makeup. Likened to the black patches around the eyes of a raccoon. She wouldn't have such a problem with raccoon eyes if she didn't wear so much makeup to begin with! Whenever I cry, it causes my makeup to run and give me raccoon eyes.
3. A discoloration immediately around—and especially under—the eye(s) due to prolonged fatigue or lack of sleep. Likened to the black patches around the eyes of a raccoon. I must not sleep very soundly because I always have these raccoon eyes when I wake up.
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a coon's age

An exceptionally long period of time. Based on the folk belief that raccoons (shortened colloquially to "coons") had a longer-than-average lifespan. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. It will take a coon's age to get all this work finished! I haven't been on a vacation in a coon's age.
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Rodgers said that she contacted her landlord after the first raccoon sighting earlier in the evening and received assurances the animal had been sent away.
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Using the intermediate scale of analysis, the program Capture returned a population estimate of 38 raccoons (95% ci = 17-108) based on the back left foot and 34 individuals (95% CI = 21-93) for the back right foot for both the [M.
Although no direct contact or evidence of feces ingestion was observed or reported, the child lived in a neighborhood where raccoons were common.
In 2006 a pet raccoon went missing from his home in Ruthin and was captured three weeks later on the roof of a garden shed in Buckley, 15 miles away.
Most exposure occurs when humans have direct or indirect contact with raccoon droppings, which can contain millions of roundworm eggs.
David bought the animal more than a year ago and it has been living in the back garden of his Wallsend home along with fellow raccoon dog, Reggie.
Bird Feeding: While wild bird feeding does not attract raccoons directly, it does attract rats, and rats draw raccoons, who consider them a delicacy.
Albino raccoons have been documented sporadically in Florida in the 1950's (Allen and Neil 1955), Ohio as recently as 2001 (A.
Two more raccoons with the tumor and the virus have been found in Yolo and Marin counties since September 2012, when the article was submitted to the journal for publication.
Raccoons (Procyon lotor) have a wide geographic distribution in North America and population densities are often quite high (Gehrt 2003).
Obviously, raccoons are not native to the UK and this is the first one to have been filmed here in the wild.
The raccoons were living in a large hollow branch of a maple tree on New Sherborn Road.