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give chapter and verse

To provide full, specific, and authoritative information to support some quote, question, or issue at hand. Can also be used with similar verbs such as "offer," "cite," quote," etc. It is a reference to quoting scripture. Don't try to debate Sarah about physics. She'll give chapter and verse until you realize she's right. You can't be so vague if you want to convince me. You'll have to give chapter and verse.
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devil can quote Scripture for his own purpose

 and devil can cite Scripture for his own purpose
Prov. Evil people sometimes try to win the confidence of good people by quoting persuasive passages of Scripture.; Just because someone can quote Scripture to support his or her argument does not mean that the argument is virtuous. (Scripture usually refers to the Bible, but it can refer to other religious writings.) Sadie: Dad, you really ought to give me permission to go out with Nathan. He's such a polite boy, and he can even quote the Bible. Father: The devil can quote Scripture for his own purpose.
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*out of context

[of an utterance or the report of an action] removed from the surrounding context of the event, thereby misrepresenting the intent of the utterance or report. (*Typically: be ~; lift something ~; quote someone or something ~; take something ~.) You took her remarks out of context! You're the dishonest person, not her!
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put something in quotes

to put quotation marks around writing or printing. Please put this word in quotes, since it means something special the way you have used it here. They put it in quotes so people would know it means something different.
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quote a price

to name or state in advance the charge for doing or supplying something. The mechanic quoted a price of $100 to repair my car. The carpenter quoted a price for fixing the stairs.
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quote (something) from someone or something

to recite something verbatim that someone else has said; to recite something verbatim from a printed source. May I quote from your letter of the tenth? Do you mind if I quote a line from Keats?
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quote, unquote

a parenthetical expression said before a word or short phrase indicating that the word or phrase would be in quotation marks if used in writing. So I said to her, quote, unquote, it's time we had a little talk.
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quote unquote

also quote
named or described as Even the quote unquote realistic movies don't show very realistic violence. In order to make some foods, quote, healthy, you end up cooking all the flavor out of them.
Usage notes: often used to show doubt that something is true or exactly as it is described
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give/quote (somebody) chapter and verse

to give exact information about something, especially something in a book The strength of the book is that when it makes accusations it gives chapter and verse, often backed up by photographic evidence. I can't quote you chapter and verse, but I'm pretty sure it's a line from 'Macbeth'.
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quote, unquote

  (British, American & Australian) also quote, end quote (American)
something that you say when you want to show that you are using someone else's phrase, especially when you do not think that phrase is true And to think he chose to practise law because it's a quote, unquote 'respected' profession!
See give chapter and verse
See also: unquote

cuff quote

n. an off-the-cuff quote of a financial instrument price. (Securities markets.) This is just a cuff quote, but I would say it’s about ninety-four.
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quote, unquote

phr. a parenthetical expression said before a word or short phrase indicating that the word or phrase would be in quotation marks if used in writing. So I said to her, quote, unquote, it’s time we had a little talk.
See also: unquote
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