je ne sais quoi

A positive or pleasant quality that is difficult to define. This French phrase translates to "I don't know what" in English. She had a certain je ne sais quoi that men found quite attractive.
See also: Je, Ne, quoi, sais

a je ne sais quoi

a pleasant quality which you cannot describe or name He's not particularly attractive but he has a certain je ne sais quoi which women find irresistible.
See also: Je, Ne, quoi, sais
References in classic literature ?
Monsieur Le Quoi has come out with only one cap; Old Fritz would not stay to finish the bottle; and Mr.
By this time the gentleman in the front seat, who had been addressed as Monsieur Le Quoi, had arisen with some difficulty, owing to the impediment of his overcoats, and steadying himself by placing one hand on the stool of the charioteer, with the other he removed his cap, and bowing politely to the Judge and profoundly to Elizabeth, he paid his compliments.
Le Quoi resumed his seat with a polite reciprocation in his mirth.
Le Quoi” Richard was too much agitated to regard his pronunciation, of which he was commonly a little vain: “Monsieur La Quoi, pray get off my leg; you hold my leg so tight that it's no wonder the horses back.
Le Quoi, immediately on Ms liberation, were not extremely collected; and, when he reached the light, he threw his eyes upward, in order to examine the distance he had fallen.
She is making the tour du monde entirely alone, without even a soubrette to carry the ensign, for the purpose of seeing for herself a quoi s'en tenir sur les hommes et les choses- -on les hommes particularly.
De quoi dissuader le joueur albiceleste de recidiver a l'avenir
Il a de quoi etre fier, ce boeuf marron pese tout simplement 1.
The court was told that two hours before the Solihull attack police had been called by his parents Quoi and Pin Chang who were worried about their son's behaviour - but when officers arrived they found Chang 'calm and rational' and left.
Nostalgia was followed by insidious, legacy, feminism and a rare multiword phrase that can be looked up in total, in a foreign language at that: the French "je ne sais quoi.
HYDERABAD -- On the appeal of Muttahida Quoi Movement, peaceful mourning day was observed here on Friday following the death of MNA Tahira Asif in Lahore.
Elle a dit dans une declaration a la SUNA que le comite pour la preparation de la conference offrira la carte de la conference la semaine prochaine pour l'approbation au haut comite de la conference, apres quoi les conferences du parti dans les Etats commenceront.
TEACHERS at a Tyneside school set their pupils some homework with a little je ne sais quoi.
De quoi lui faire un point commun avec Justin Theroux, le fiance de Jennifer Aniston, qui a fete ses 42 ans hier aussi .
One wonders if it will have the same je ne sais quoi of giggle-worthy goofiness this time around.