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quiz out (of something)

to earn permission to waive a college course by successful completion of a quiz or exam. Andrew was able to quiz out of calculus. After studying very hard, he quizzed out.
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quiz someone about someone or something

to ask someone many questions about someone or something. The general quizzed the soldier about the incident. The officer quizzed her about Randy.
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quiz someone on someone or something

to give someone a quiz or test over the subject of someone or something. The teacher quizzed the students on the chapter she had assigned for homework. I hope they quiz me on George Washington. I am prepared.
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piss quiz

n. a urine test for drugs. (Usually objectionable.) They told me I had to take a piss quiz to work there.
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Quiz Kid

A very smart youngster. A popular radio show during the 1940s and '50s and later a television series, Quiz Kids featured a panel of five youngsters, none over the age of sixteen, with extraordinarily high IQs. They answered difficult questions on a wide range of topics that were submitted by listeners. Among the panelists who went on to bigger and better things was James Watson, the Nobel scientist who codiscovered DNA. People used the phrase as both a compliment (“My son is so smart, he could be a Quiz Kid”) and sarcasm (“You flunked another test?—nice going, Quiz Kid!”).
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Currently delivering online quizzes to the UK, the Netherlands and Germany, HIMES is gradually expanding across the globe, bringing their passion for quizzing to an ever-expanding international audience.
They found significantly higher scores for students who experienced quizzes and concluded that frequent quizzing influence learning performance.
Simulations created with RoboDemo can be easily enhanced by adding rollover and transparent text captions and images, audio, interactive text fields and click boxes, eLearning-specific features like quizzing, scoring and branching, hyperlinks, special effects and more.
The questions, covering a variety of topics, have been set by renowned Dubai quizmaster Dr Chandrashekhar Rao, who has been quizzing in the UAE for three decades.
Students may use early quizzing to diagnose the areas in which they lack knowledge.
Quiz Dubai was formed in 2011 when a few quizzing enthusiasts in the city were trying to find ways to kill a long weekend.
We concluded that these groups did not differ academically and any differences in performance between the groups on Exam 2 would be due to quizzing.
Talking about team Quizaholics Anonymous, he said, "I am also glad that they came with aspirations to be in the quizzing space, which is great.
One possible limitation of the current study relates to the fact that Graham (1999) found that quizzing students on material that would be covered on the next test led to higher scores on that test.
Serious quizzing " It is slowly moving beyond the domain of a fun quiz to serious quizzing battles," he said.
The quizzing experience was really good but the questions were tough," said Vinayak from Indian School Ghubra who participated in the quiz.
Technology and access to information has changed quizzing in a huge way," said 'Pickbrain', welcoming the concept of the online quiz.
You must have a quizzing instinct and you must have that sense.
I'm sure he must have inspired a lot of new students into taking to quizzing.
There was always a belief that school kids in Oman had a great penchant for quizzing and this was being reflected by the few teams that would do well at the Open Quiz.