quiver with

quiver with something

1. Lit. to shake or shiver from something, such as cold, fear, anticipation, etc. On seeing the bear, the dogs quivered with fear. Todd quivered with the cold.
2. Fig. to experience eagerness or joy. I quivered with delight when I saw the dessert. Tom quivered with eagerness as the door opened.
See also: quiver
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You can remove the quiver with a simple, silent, 40-degree twist The hood can fit both fixed-blade and 1 mechanical broadheads with a stored diameter up to 1 1/4 inches, and five tapered slots easily hold all arrow sizes.
N]) as the N vertex quiver with N arrows (See Figure 1for examples):
3) Bohning's Lynx 6, a six-arrow quiver with a wraparound hood, has a sound-dampening, replaceable hood liner that accepts fixed and mechanical heads.
Integrating Quiver with the open standards- based IBM Websphere Portal enables customers to have immediate access to all of the information needed to do their jobs, in an accurate and intuitive way.
These requirements necessitate some sort of quiver with a broadhead hood at one end and rubber arrow grippers at the other.
The Nitrix also offers a grilled-gate hood design that allows you to quickly view broadheads and a tip insert overmold so you can use the quiver with any arrow/broadhead combination.
designed the new Mini-Target Quiver with young target and 3-D shooters in mind.
The Supercoil kit comes with three 20-inch Maxima Hunter bolts and fieldpoints, a rope cocker, a quick-detach, three-bolt quiver with side bracket, rail lubricant and a 4x32 glass-etched reticle lighted scope.
G5 Outdoors' Mag-Loc quiver sports an innovative, quick-detach magnetic mounting system and is offered in a number of models, including an upper riser hole mounting model, sight mounted version and a universal spline bracket model that can convert any universal sight mounted quiver or quiver with a standard ammo base to an upper riser mount design.
Fill your quiver with arrows and use an offset stabilizer bracket (most stabilizer companies offer one) to move the front-mounted stabilizer slightly to the opposite side of the bow.
The Maverick is a traditional back quiver with modem features.
This new quiver with the second gripper holds any arrow more securely, making your bow as quiet with a quiver full of arrows as it is without a quiver attachment.