quite a

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quite a (something)

Used to signify something very significant, exemplary, or impressive. That's quite a car you've got there—how fast does that baby get up to on the highways? Working on this cattle ranch is quite a change from sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day. Thank you so much for having me over for dinner, this is quite a feast you've prepared!
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quite a something

definitely something; a good example of something. The captain of the swim team is quite a swimmer. That's quite a bruise you have there.
See also: quite

ˈquite a/some somebody/something

(informal) used to show that you think somebody/something is impressive, unusual, remarkable, etc: That’s quite some swimming pool you’ve got there. It’s huge!We found it quite a change when we moved abroad.
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Bench (C+): Bournigal, easily the biggest surprise on the club, has been quite a find for the A's.
It's quite a testament to see A's players hurting more for Howe after losses than for themselves.
The weather was cool enough Thursday night at Anaheim Stadium to make sweaters necessary to keep warm, but Angels pitching coach Chuck Hernandez managed to work up quite a sweat anyway.
I think what's really helped John is when he's not quite as locked in and maybe a little erratic, where there is a walk or two more in a game,'' Scioscia said.
Straight A's, in fact, but Parros' hockey skills weren't quite as impressive, so Cahoon made a deal.
Hill, who has declined to speak with reporters all spring, wasn't quite as sharp as Ortiz while pitching the first and second innings.