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quip about (someone or something)

To make witty, pithy, or snide jokes about someone or something. The two brothers sat in the corner quipping about the various guests their parents had invited. I'm glad you're able to keep quipping about such a dreadful situation, Susan!
See also: quip

quip about someone or something

to joke about someone or something. The kids were quipping about the principal's hairpiece. It is rude to quip about an elderly person.
See also: quip
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Its Office suite of applications is precisely one of the old tools Quip sells itself as a replacement for, and Salesforce would be looking to attract some dedicated Microsoft customers away with its new purchase.
Because Quip has been built for enterprises, we have done third party security audits to verify that our security abides by the best practices," Taylor explained.
The quip about Aled Jones, a fine young man, must pale into insignificance compared with the blasphemous insults which offended the living Lord Jesus Christ by the Jerry Springer Opera.
Quip extends the power of Salesforce with a next-generation productivity solution designed for teams, empowering everyone to collaborate more effectively, work smarter and supercharge their productivity, all without email.
If there was anyone in the stadium more pumped up than me, he wouldn't pass the league's standardized drug test, all right,'' was Miller's first quip, as he wore a light-blue necktie already loosened around his neck.
lot 2: camion quip d~une grue hydraulique et d~une benne basculante,
LN), an international engineering and project management company, is chosen by Brazilian company, QUIP.
Salesforce has accorded to buyout word processing app Quip in a $582 million agreement, which continues its shift away from its roots in customer relationship management software.
Salesforce has announced it has entered into a deal to buy Quip, a San Francisco-based startup that develops a team-based productivity platform competing in the same space as Microsoft Word and Google Docs.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 22, 2014-BioNeutral Group Inc signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Quip Laboratories Inc to expand distribution of YGIENE and OGIENE
That quip segued to the subject of the Avalanche, specifically Vernon's slugfest with Patrick Roy.
YB qu quip ip priv But Cam had the flirty upper hand, quipping: "Perhaps we could have a private viewing.
cration d~environ 27 coffrets doubles de distributions (chacun quip de 2 inverseurs de source bascules, 4 interrupteurs, 12 disjoncteurs modulaires, .
Fluid Quip Process Technologies say that small private company have tripled in size and sales and plans to double its revenues in the next 2 years.