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Unlike existing "passive" or muffler-type fan quieting solutions, active fan quieting systems control the low frequency "rumble" emitted by large power plant fans.
AAR has cultivated a strong research reputation and has designed and installed customized active fan quieting systems; ANVT brings engineering proficiency, proprietary active technology, project management resources, advanced commercialization capability and marketing and distribution expertise with which to bring the fan quieting systems to market.
By shutting themselves off, the interneurons block their quieting action on the excitatory pyramidal cells -- an effect that can last as long as 35 minutes, much longer than what had been seen with retrograde inhibition.
A drug that blocks cannabinoid receptors on some types of inhibitory interneurons might allow them to continue quieting the pyramidal cells during periods of intense activity.
NASDAQ:NCTI) today announced that an agreement has been reached with Magneti Marelli, one of the world leaders in automotive electronics, to cooperate in the area of active cabin quieting and engine mounts systems for ground based vehicles, including automobiles, trucks and buses.
Both NCT and Magneti Marelli have successfully demonstrated active cabin quieting and active engine mount technology on several automobile and truck models.
NASDAQ:NCTI) to license NCT's proprietary active aircraft cabin quieting technology and to assume NCT's 50% interest in the joint cabin quieting business.