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quicken the pulse

also quicken somebody's pulse
to cause excitement or interest There's nothing in this book to quicken the pulse.
See also: pulse, quicken

quicken your/the pulse

to make someone excited or interested There's nothing in this book to quicken the pulse.
See also: pulse, quicken
References in classic literature ?
gazed upon me with dilated eyes and quickening breath, and then, with an odd little laugh, which brought roguish dimples to the corners of her mouth, she shook her head and cried:
Presently he relaxed once more--this time in the final dissolution from which there is no quickening.
My window opened into the courtyard, all I could see was the warm grey of quickening sky.
A tumult up the road, a quarrel for a place in a waggon, sent the whole host of them quickening their pace; even a man so scared and broken that his knees bent under him was galvanised for a moment into renewed activity.
Then quickening their steps they passed the three men, but turned back immediately, and D'Artagnan walked straight up to the butcher and touching him on the chest with the tip of his finger, said to Athos:
But the apprehension of losing the pittance she actually received, and thereby blasting all hopes from me, was constantly before her mind, quickening her hand and sustaining her body.
Adam looked round as he heard the quickening clatter of the horse's heels, and waited for the horseman, lifting his paper cap from his head with a bright smile of recognition.
Doolittle, quickening his pace by raising each leg in rapid succession, as the hounds scented around his person.