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quicken the pulse

also quicken somebody's pulse
to cause excitement or interest There's nothing in this book to quicken the pulse.
See also: pulse, quicken

quicken your/the pulse

to make someone excited or interested There's nothing in this book to quicken the pulse.
See also: pulse, quicken
References in classic literature ?
They presently entered, softly, with quickened pulses, talking in whispers, ears alert to catch the slightest sound, and muscles tense and ready for instant retreat.
The fever was over, and Emma could harbour little fear of the pulse being quickened again by injurious courtesy.
She walked eagerly on as she spoke; and Elinor, to screen Marianne from particularity, as she felt almost certain of its not being Willoughby, quickened her pace and kept up with her.
They were all thinking of him -- some talking of him -- and it quickened their sluggish minds to look at his house.
The hearts of the passengers beat loud enough perhaps to be heard; but at any rate, the quiet pause was audibly expressive of people out of breath, and holding the breath, and having the pulses quickened by expectation.
I quickened my pace, and, passing among them, wondering at their looks, went hurriedly in.
My thoughts passed into the great room across the landing where the table was spread, and I saw it written, as it were, in the falls of the cobwebs from the centre-piece, in the crawlings of the spiders on the cloth, in the tracks of the mice as they betook their little quickened hearts behind the panels, and in the gropings and pausings of the beetles on the floor.