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quicken the pulse

also quicken somebody's pulse
to cause excitement or interest There's nothing in this book to quicken the pulse.
See also: pulse, quicken

quicken your/the pulse

to make someone excited or interested There's nothing in this book to quicken the pulse.
See also: pulse, quicken
References in classic literature ?
They quicken their pace when they get into the churchyard, for already they see the field thronged with country folk; the men in clean, white smocks or velveteen or fustian coats, with rough plush waistcoats of many colours, and the women in the beautiful, long scarlet cloak--the usual out-door dress of west-country women in those days, and which often descended in families from mother to daughter--or in new-fashioned stuff shawls, which, if they would but believe it, don't become them half so well.
So silent are the streets of Cloisterham (though prone to echo on the smallest provocation), that of a summer-day the sunblinds of its shops scarce dare to flap in the south wind; while the sun-browned tramps, who pass along and stare, quicken their limp a little, that they may the sooner get beyond the confines of its oppressive respectability.
Their fascination was powerless to quicken by a single beat his steady pulse.
Do nothing, Lady Verinder, to weary your head, or to quicken your pulse'--those were his last words, Drusilla, when he left me to-day.
Gradually the old man, however, suffered the animals to quicken their steps, until they had gained the centre of one of the prairie bottoms.
And meanwhile he dared not quicken his pace much, though the next turning was still nearly a hundred yards away.
Of all the ingenious modes of torture that have ever been invented, that of solitary confinement is probably the most cruel--the mind feeding on itself with the rapacity of a cormorant, when the conscience quickens its activity and feeds its longings.
The Draught-Mule replied, "I do not heed your threats; I only care for him who sits above you, and who quickens my pace with his whip, or holds me back with the reins.
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