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quibble over (something)

To argue, dispute, or contend (with someone) over or about something, especially that which is trivial or petty. I'm happy enough with following your plan, so let's not quibble over the details. The couple was just quibbling with one another over the bill, much to their waiter's consternation.
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quibble about (something)

To argue, dispute, or contend (with someone) about something, especially that which is trivial or petty. I'm happy enough with following your plan, so let's not quibble about the details. The couple stood quibbling about the bill, much to the waiter's consternation.
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quibble (about someone or something) (with someone)

 and quibble (over someone or something) (with someone)
to be argumentative or contentious with someone about someone or something. Let's not quibble about it. Please don't quibble with your sister. No need to quibble over it.
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Best Mate has ruled the roost for more than three years, a fact that not all the quibblers in the world can take away from him - or us.
While quibblers without doubt will find passages to carp on, I found the information accurate and clearly presented.
A single volume cannot encompass all of wheat science, however, and the strengths of this book greatly outweigh any deficiencies that quibblers might perceive.
Such quibblers have rarely made it past the doors of this magazine, relegated outside to relish the pleasure of peeing on the stoop.
A further percentage of that minority of quibblers would probably choose to ignore the pale and proffered hands of the professionals and take up the burden of burial themselves if they were not stunned by the noisome grief imploding within them; if they were not too exhausted to reblaze a path of which few have heard and to which even fewer can find their way.
2) To quibblers who query how parallel lines can originate from the same point, it may be retorted that the geometry of metaphor is non-Euclidean.
Quinoa appeared in Ladies' Home Journal and House Beautiful recipes this spring, so quibblers could make a case for ranking it as mainstream.
Subsequently the Chiquanous episode is interpreted by the author as an attempt to escape coercive authority (the Chiquanous are farcical quibblers who earn a living by serving summonses that cause them to be physically assaulted and subsequently compensated for having received bodily injuries).
Bill quibblers were second at 17 per cent with arguers two points behind.