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quibble over (something)

To argue, dispute, or contend (with someone) over or about something, especially that which is trivial or petty. I'm happy enough with following your plan, so let's not quibble over the details. The couple was just quibbling with one another over the bill, much to their waiter's consternation.
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quibble about (something)

To argue, dispute, or contend (with someone) about something, especially that which is trivial or petty. I'm happy enough with following your plan, so let's not quibble about the details. The couple stood quibbling about the bill, much to the waiter's consternation.
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quibble (about someone or something) (with someone)

 and quibble (over someone or something) (with someone)
to be argumentative or contentious with someone about someone or something. Let's not quibble about it. Please don't quibble with your sister. No need to quibble over it.
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Not one argument, quibble or hesitation from them; this is what I call service.
Its stores are the best looking in the industry," which helps it attract higher-income consumers who aren't going to quibble over slightly higher prices.
The only quibble that can be offered is that several of the younger girls, including Ginny and Hermione, tend to sound more like 60-year-old smokers than teenagers.
But this quibble apart, the book is a concise and useful introduction to straw bale building wherever you are.
15) promises to be a thriller, but I don't see how anyone can quibble with the prices.
It's probably unwise to quibble, but if they hadn't dozed off in recent matches against Blues, Manchester City and Bolton --conceding late equalisers each time --they would have been six points better off, and entitled to start thinking about the Champions' League.
One might quibble at first with the editors' assertion that "most people understand that race is a social construction and not a biological truth.
To make use of it, one would need to immerse onself as fully as he did in the primary sources and then quibble with patterns that Cabantous himself only sketches out with numerous exceptions.
You might quibble with the terminology (I do), but everything is accurately notated, down to the musical count.
One could quibble about the omission of the most radical extensions (in particular, Paradise Garage DJ Larry Levan's far more tuneful rearrangement of "Feel Up").
My sole quibble with the Daily Mail is she's listed 17th of Fifty People Who Buggered Up Britain.
On opening night, there was little to quibble about.
My main quibble is that I'd like to see more emphasis on buying new material.
I do have one quibble with Weber's portrayal of lift in Queens--apartments in Rochdale Village are not tiny.
It is also possible to quibble with her introduction of port de bras.